“I want to thank you very much for giving me this opportunity! You literally changed the course of my life! I would never in a million years have pictured myself as a high school teacher in an urban environment. But fate is fickle I suppose and I feel like I have found my new home away from home. I appreciate your faith in me, thank you again for everything!”

L.R. Special Education Teacher, East Hampton CT

“I cannot say enough good things about Advanced Placement Services. They provided me with a seamless transition from another company I had been working for. Throughout my time with APS they have been nothing but professional and supportive including offering me competitive pay for my area. I highly recommend working for this company!”

R.L. Speech & Language Pathologist, Wallingford CT

“I want to give you my sincere thanks for these job opportunities. While at times challenging and even frustrating it has also come with many lessons learned. It has engaged my analytical and cognitive thinking, challenged some forgotten skills, and awakened global thinking as I’ve worked with these young people in their own pursuits. I truly appreciate your professionalism and support during this process and assistance in this placement that has been beneficial both financially and personally”

K.M. Special Education Teacher, Bloomfield CT